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CCCR Conference 2012

From Catchment to Coast:
Fluxes and transformations through the river-estuary system

January 8-10, 2012
Bangor University, North Wales

An interdisciplinary conference for researchers and practitioners


The Conference Programme is now available. Download it here.

The Abstract Book is now available. Download it here.

This conference aims to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in new methods, empirical datasets, conceptual models and theoretical developments related to fluxes and transformations in the river-estuary transition zone. There will be opportunities to review recent developments in the field and to identify avenues for future research.

The conference features oral presentations within the following key themes:

• Sediment, nutrient and pollution delivery from catchments to coasts
• Process dynamics and sedimentary archives of tidally-influenced rivers
• Estuarine morphodynamics and material fluxes
• Modelling and management of floods in the river-estuary transition zone
• Impacts of environmental change on river-estuary systems

The conference will promote interaction between researchers and practitioners working at the important catchment-coastal interface, as well as enhance our knowledge of tidally influenced rivers, which form a critical process link between terrestrial catchments and the marine environment.

Keynote presentations:

Philip Ashworth (University of Brighton) - Sedimentology of tidally-influenced fluvial deposits
Kim Cohen (Utrecht University) - The trapping of fluvial-tidal sediment in the Rhine Delta through the Holocene
Daniel Parsons (University of Hull) - Sounding out rivers and coastlines: Substantive advances in understanding morphodynamics through innovative application of multibeam sonar technology

Please explore this site for further information. Feel free to contact the workshop organisers: Jaco Baas, Colin Jago (Bangor University) or Paul Brewer, Mark Macklin (Aberystwyth University).

Details of our research interests can be found at:

River Basin Dynamics and Hydrology Research Group, Aberystwyth University

School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University

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